Edyn the Smart Sprinkler

edynAppearing as recently as the summer of 2014 is a new smart water sprinkler system designed by a young Princeton graduate. He studied evolutionary biology across the world because of his interest in sustainable farming, which lead to this invention. This solar-powered sensor and water valve conserves water depending on the density of the soil and need for water, but it also goes past that to determine when gardeners will need to protect their garden from frost or other things. The sensor goes into the ground and sends alerts to the gardener’s phone about what is going on in the garden, and can even determine what plants will thrive best in the soil. The pre-order is still going on for Edyn for a total of 160$ for the whole system. Overall, I think this is a great way to save water, and gardeners will also have more free time with the notifications. However, a more stone-age solution is to reduce the use of sprinkler systems and just stick your finger in to see if the soil is wet or dry a few inches under! Still, you can’t determine what crops will grow best with just your finger. So, good job creator Jason Aramburu!


Author: Jess T.

I blog too much for my own good.

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