Killer Whales


All adult male Orcas in captivity have flopped dorsal fins. This is a result of a poor diet, a lack of space to roam, and mistreatment.

This is not on the topic of clean water, but rather, a species of animal that survives in open saltwater, and has faced many troubles because of human impact. This came into my thoughts with the recent Seaworld commercial. How are the lies that these trainers are reciting even legal to state in a commercial? One only has to watch the Blackfish documentary about Killer whales in captivity to know that whales have suffered extreme abuse at parks like Seaworld and are known to become extremely dangerous to trainers due to built up aggression. In the commercial, unconvincing trainers say that their Killer whales live just as long as wild Killer Whales. The truth is that Seaworld’s Killer whales live, on average, around 15 years. Wild Orcas live up to 80 years. Sure, captive Orcas should be able to survive as stated in the commercial, but as far as history shows, whale parks are not known for providing longevity for whales or any quality of life. Many are stillborn, die in infancy, or die young. My emotions on this topic are inconsolable. This website accounts for all documented injuries of trainers or park visitors committed by captured Orcas:

If you haven’t seen Blackfish, it’s on Netflix. Please watch. Trailer:

Access to survival rates of Killer whales here:


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