Education and Leadership

The ELF (Education and Leadership Fellows for Sustainability) program at my University (SUNY at Buffalo) was recently featured in the UB Reporter. While at the event I had the pleasure of conversing with President Tripathi on some ideas I had for sustainability on campus. He shared some useful advice on how to succeed in University that I definitely will apply to my own career here at UB.

Earth week event
President Tripathi and I discussing the future of sustainability at an ELF social event.

The article on the campus initiative to reduce landfill waste can be found here: Sustainability at UB

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Cap It

In the early 1900s, Onondaga Lake had a lot to offer. There was entertainment, like rowing, canoeing, strolling, swimming, fishing, and even amusement rides. Now some call it “The Most Polluted Lake in America”. Detrimental chemical dumping took place in Onondaga Lake from the 1920s to the 1990’s primarily by a company called Allied Chemical, later renamed Honeywell. Starting in 2000, Honeywell began a study and clean up of the lake to reverse its 70 years worth of contamination. Now, the environmental harm caused earlier in the lake’s history has been somewhat undone with a simple method. A quite literal version of this method appears in The Simpson’s Movie, but the actual process is what environmental engineers call “capping”. Continue reading “Cap It”