Killer Soap

As part of a recent assignment I was asked to look into the effect of soap on the environment. What I found was a freaky subculture of soap activists and an opposing subculture of people who think soap is practically Agent Orange. I knew I had to post on this because the viewpoints on the internet are far and few between, and a poor soul like myself would get uber-confused just trying to determine what kind of chemicals are in soap!

Lush is my all-time favorite place to get soap. Products here are expensive, but they make the best treat-yourself and mother’s day gifts.

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How to Deal with Pests

the gray squirrel
I present you one of the top 10 invasive species in the entire world: The Gray Squirrel

Can herbicides be good? When I think herbicide I think about white powder that burns your fingers when you touch it. Not good. Herbicides aren’t selective on what they destroy. On the other hand, the plants you want to keep could always be re-planted after the invasive species are eradicated. So why bring up herbicides? Continue reading “How to Deal with Pests”