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I’m not one for the news but I always have random updates on environmental consciousness. You can find my tidbits here.

Fall 2015


Everyone knows that Taylor Swift’s scheme to make more money by disappearing from the internet music-wise only brought public shame. No one wanted to buy all of her CD’s just to listen to “Love Story” on Throwback Thursday. So, her managers wised up and did something that made everyone fall for her again. She’s back on the scene with a hit single and music video called Wildest Dreams that she released at the VMA’s. All the money raised with this song will benefit the African Park Foundation of America. This foundation has ten parks in Africa and lends itself to animal conservation, ending poaching, and involving youth in a good cause. So please, go listen to Taylor Swift!

Winter 2016


I will be traveling to Turkey with the University at Buffalo Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation program (LSAMP) students and other study abroad students as we learn about diverse cultures, civil and structural aspects abroad, and social, economic, and political situations in other countries. I will be gone for one month but I won’t hesitate to post what I learn during my time away on this site!

Spring 2016


Heading into February of 2016, two current issues have taken over the media. Those two issues are the Flint Michigan water crisis and the methane leak in Porter Ranch California. I don’t want to repeat what has been said hundreds of times already but I’ll just write down the scoop and give some links to good articles. In Flint Michigan, the city decided to switch its main water supply to a source with a higher pH, which eroded away the protective calcium layer in the water and eventually ended up poisoning the tap water with lead from corroded piping. In this day and age we are able to predict and stop this kind of issue, and public health officials have known for some time without putting an end to it. Read more about it here: In Porter Ranch, a continuous underground methane leak is reaching dangerous heights. The impacts on the atmosphere from these emissions are hugely disturbing. The article I found on that is here:

Fall 2016


The Dakota Access Pipeline was an underground crude oil pipeline system that affected 4 states: Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  It was planned to be fully operational by the end of 2016. This extravagant project boasts environmental friendliness and a huge boost to the US economically. All this can be found on the Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company’s webpage.  There’s just one small problem. People live on top of the property that will be seized as part of this monstrous project. You can either give up your land willingly and be compensated, or be taken to court. Native Sioux tribes are experiencing colonization all over again; People are exploiting their homes for personal profit, they are being violently forced out of what has been home to them for hundreds of years, their basic human rights to shelter and water are essentially denied. This time, however, people with huge influence on society and intelligent outspoken voices are coming forward. Shailene Woodley stood up for the minority and was arrested during a protest. I am moved that at just 24 years old she is using her presence as a celebrity to not only fight for environmental and social justice, but to stand for morality. To see who else is with her, read here: Shailene Woodley Speaks Out

Fall 2017


Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on August 17th with such force that it was labeled a Category 3 Hurricane. There has not been a storm labeled with this intensity since Hurricane Katrina. A little over two weeks later, Florida and the Caribbean islands were hit with Hurricane Irma. One week after the Caribbean islands endured Irma, Hurricane Maria raged through the islands again, tearing through the heart of Puerto Rico. It is now September 27th and Puerto Ricans still remain without electricity, low on food and water. The recent barrage of hurricanes and even the recent Earthquake in Mexico have called for a response from the government on all fronts including humanitarian aid and climate change. There are several places to donate online and tons of canned food and water drives taking place.


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