Illegal Seafoods

While this post will have more to do with wildlife than water treatment, it is a topic relevant to Environmental Engineering and therefore is still significant in environmental consciousness. Recently, while traveling to Maine I learned about the history of the waterfront. Native Americans and settlers lived along the Piscataqua river waterfront that serves as a harbor to the Atlantic Ocean. It later became an important location in defending the US from submarine attacks. As we sailed farther from Maine and New Hampshire, the guide pointed out a stage 2 Sewage Treatment plant was built on the shore that releases water out using a schedule of high and low tides. He explained that it becomes an issue when the tides reverse, which happens every four hours. The treated sewage water then ends up where it started. He hoped and had been told that the plant is being upgraded to a stage 3 center. This simple guide explains the functions of the different stages. Continue reading “Illegal Seafoods”