Welcome to definearth

Thank you for visiting my blog. The purpose of this blog is to spread the word about water decontamination methods around the world, especially in developing regions in need of sustainable water treatment. With this blog I hope to express the growing world of environmental technology and to raise awareness of environmental issues. Combining technology with the environment leads to a myriad of improvements to things like water decontamination, reduction of air pollution, even the creation of eco-friendly fuels. Definearth is a name that I brainstormed, but it really came from one of my favorite environmentally conscious movies, Wall-E.

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Definearth is written by me, Jess Turner, an environmentally conscious yet increasingly curious girl from New York. All my life, I have been shaped by my experiences to appreciate the environment. I grew up in grandma’s 15 acres of woods, filled with evergreens, deer, salamanders, snakes, poisonous plants, and marshes. I was sent off to long summer camps with my sister, and we were taught to swim early on. I was president of my school’s Youth Environmental Action club and worked as a lifeguard at a town pool for two years. But enough about me. It’s time to explore my blog.

Special Interest Writing:

It goes without saying that writing is my escape. As far as my writing background goes, I have this blog as well as an interview that was recently published in Women in Higher Education magazine. I hope to have more non-peer-reviewed publications in the future.

Past Work:

I previously worked as a research assistant in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Syracuse University with Dr. Charles Driscoll. I tested samples from the NSF-funded Ice Storm Experiment for Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) and Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC). I evaluated the samples with the help of Dr. Teng Zeng in the Environmental Organic Chemistry lab.

I have also done research for University at Buffalo’s (UB) Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering Department. There, I studied the efficiencies of solar cookers.

I was beyond nervous during this 2016 interview, but the producers did a great job. Here is a video from the annual Celebration of Academic Excellence at UB. There is a clip of me discussing my former solar cooker research at second 0:32.